• Treating Complex Trauma  (Day 3-4) with Dr Leah Giarratano International online commencing on 1 April 2024 and ending on 31 July 2024

Treating Complex Trauma Online (Day 3-4): Practical complex trauma informed interventions with Dr Leah Giarratano. 

This two-day self-paced online education program is intended for all mental health professionals, globally. The content is applicable to both adult and adolescent populations. Your commitment consists of 15 hours to compete Day 3-4 online including quiz. Included in your fee is optional access to one of our scheduled highly interactive Day 3-4 livestreams during your access period. Printed copies of your materials are mailed to you before access is provided.

This program is intended for past attendees of Treating PTSD (Days 1-2) presented by Dr Giarratano (from 2020 onwards). There are no exceptions to this policy because approximately half of the full four-day program material is presented in Treating PTSD (Days 1-2) and is not repeated in Treating Complex Trauma.

In order to ensure you receive printed materials by mail, registrations are not accepted after 26/4/24. Some countries must allow up to three weeks for international delivery although your access will be extended accordingly if you are affected. Please provide your home address for the delivery of your printed materials.

Please note that this is not simply a recording of a past live event. This is an education package specifically designed and produced to be worked through online, presented throughout by Dr Leah Giarratano, incorporating lectures, real cases, learning quizzes and structured practical exercises to complete in your own time. Further details will be provided upon registration. 

Professional Endorsements

This program is intended for all mental health professionals. Counsellors, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, counselling general medical practitioners, mental health nurses, psychologists, psychotherapists and social workers are all welcome to attend. Treating Complex Trauma online training for therapists


Participating in this event earns:

10 OPD points for members of the Australian Counselling Association if you complete the program and quiz (expires 15/12/23)

15 CPE hours (Level 2) for members of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (expires 31/12/23) if you complete the livestream and quiz

15 CPD hours can be claimed if you are a mental health graduate and/or employed in a mental health role as a practitioner/clinician and complete the program and quiz

15 CPD hours category B for members of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia when you complete the program and Day 3-4 quiz


This program is designed to meet the CPD requirements for Medicare Focused Psychological Strategy (FPS) providers and the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) requirements for an Active CPD event. If you are a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) or Australian Psychological Society (APS) or Occupational Therapy Australia (OTA), your CPD activities no longer need to be endorsed by these bodies; you can accrue CPD hours by participating in activities that you believe are relevant to your annual learning plan or goals.

Please be mindful that CPD/CPE/CE hours for online self-study programs varies internationally by profession. We suggest you contact your professional licensing/certification board to confirm if self-study is approved for your professional development/ continuing education before you register for this program as it is always your responsibly to ensure that your application for CPD/CPE/CE hours is successful. In addition to your certificate, we can provide electronic documents to support your application for CPD/CPE/CE hours including a Day 1-4 program flyer, narrative of the Day 1-4 program and learning objectives.


Registration fee and payment is in Australian Dollars

$795 (including Australian GST) 


Program Description
This two-day program completes Leah's four-day core training for professionals working with traumatised clients. You are required to attend ‘Treating PTSD’ before enrolling in ‘Treating Complex Trauma’ because important workshop material is presented in 'Treating PTSD' and is not repeated in 'Treating Complex Trauma'. 
The emphasis of this two-day training program is upon imparting practical, accessible skills to use immediately with survivors of complex trauma (especially survivors of child abuse and neglect). The content is applicable to both adult and adolescent populations. Topics include:


• Complex trauma. Complex PTSD. Attachment disorders. Personality disorders. What’s the difference/ relationship?

• The current controversy regarding unimodal vs phased-based treatment for CPTSD


• Building and maintaining the therapeutic relationship, including maintaining compassionate boundaries and managing therapy disruptions and termination


• Using the therapeutic relationship to promote emotion regulation


• Understanding attachment re-enactment and betrayal trauma in order to work with challenging behaviours, including: ‘splitting’ between care providers; idolising/demonising the therapist; constant new crises; reduced motivation; external locus of control


• Practical therapeutic techniques (including exposure interventions and experiential tools) drawn from: Attachment-based treatment; Emotion Focused Therapy; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; Metacognitive and Mentalisation Therapies; Schema Therapy; Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to help clients presenting with complex trauma symptomatology, including flashbacks, numbing and dissociation, emotional ‘hurricanes’, somatisation, self-hate, self-harming and suicidal acts, dysfunctional relationships and substance abuse


• Managing and reducing vicarious trauma in the therapist. 


About the program author/presenter

Leah Giarratano is a doctoral level clinical psychologist with vast clinical and teaching expertise in traumatology, working in this area in since 1995. Leah is the author of seven books covering the assessment and treatment of psychological trauma and in the application of CBT. 


What past attendees have said about this workshop
Highly experiential and practical course with comprehensive notes. Immediately applicable. Clear, concise and well-paced, covering a great deal of information but in a structured way.

Unlike other courses that often provide only theory and background, and you leave disappointed, this workshop is practical and has a good balance of information and theory but lots of take away skills that are shown, explained and practised. Best CPD I’ve ever done. 

It draws from a number of modalities and strategies that are evidence-based. It is refreshing to be presented with an eclectic, but evidence based approach to treating complex trauma. 

This is the best program I’ve attended. I wasn’t just informed about a topic, I was actually taught therapy interventions, i.e., what to do, step by step when dealing with complex trauma. Very caring and welcoming presenter who provided us with excellent, comprehensive handouts that can be used for further practice and training. 

I tell all of my colleagues that this is 5-star training. There’s a great coverage of information. I recommend both of Leah’s programs to everyone. I’ve found that I learn even more with re-reading through the thorough notes provided. 

What past attendees have said about this ONLINE VERSION

I liked the online format. I came and went as I had time available. I liked the end of day quiz and the mix of presentation content


Self-paced worked well for someone who works part time and has small children


Presenter was knowledgeable and easy to understand. Many new skills taught


One of the most engaging online training packages I have completed


Real life cases used put things into context and kept it interesting 


The program is very well structured, a lot of resources, very practical


Important information

• Please direct your enquiries to Joshua George using the contact form on this website.


• The content of this page, in relation to this offering is always current and replaces all other published information about this workshop. Please do not rely on information published elsewhere as it may be incorrect.


• If you have reserved your place and have not paid by the due date on your invoice, your reservation will expire.


• If your employer is making payment and you expect delays, we suggest you make payment yourself and request reimbursement from your employer when we have issued your receipt.


• Please register at this website. A tax invoice will be issued when you reserve your place and after payment is received via e-mail. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer or instantly via credit card.


• Your registration fee includes comprehensive program notes that are mailed to you up to two weeks prior to the commencement of your program (i.e., 1 February, 1 April, 1 July, 1 October or 1 November). If you receive your printed materials during the commencement month, your access is automatically extended by another month.


• Your certificate of participation is e-mailed in the beginning of the month that your access is due to expire. Your certificate includes: the name and qualifications of the presenter; an overview of training contents; and the names of all those who participated in the same program. We do not provide an individual certificate of attendance because they can be self-created. Our certificate of participation is official proof for your professional development log.


• If you wish to claim professional development (CPD) hours/points, you must complete and retain your Day 3-4 quiz with a copy of your certificate of participation as you are required to produce both documents in order to prove you completed an active CPD program.


Cancellation Policy

• To qualify for a refund, we have not dispatched your printed materials and your cancellation is finalised in writing before your printed items are dispatched.


• Cancellation attracts a $77 processing fee deducted from your program fee. If you paid a bank transfer fee, or card processing fee, the transfer fee (or card fee) is not refundable.


• If you have received your printed materials and do not qualify for a refund, you can postpone the commencement of your program to one of our scheduled programs within twelve months of your registration.


• If you have received your printed program materials and do not take part in the livestream or access the self-paced online program for any reason, we cannot refund any part of your fee but will provide you access the next scheduled program upon your request.









Treating Complex Trauma (Day 3-4) with Dr Leah Giarratano International online commencing on 1 April 2024 and ending on 31 July 2024

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