COVID-19 conditions that affect our capital city training events in 2022. Please read prior to booking

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, learn and work, and to reduce its spread and help protect each other, any live event may be affected by restrictions or cancelled due to one or more factors that affect our safety. In 2022, each of our offerings must comply with a COVID-safe plan applicable to each venue imposed by the government in that jurisdiction. As at 1/2/22, please expect all of the following conditions to apply: capacity limits, proof of vaccination, mandatory check in, social distancing and face masks. These conditions may change in the months ahead, however we do not expect any discretion or a deviation from the rules from our venue providers so to avoid disappointment, these restrictions must be accepted at the time you place a booking for one of our capital city training events.

If you register to attend one of our live capital city events in 2022 and your particular event is affected by any government restriction, or if your event happens to be cancelled because it’s not viable to proceed for another reason, we will provide sufficient notice and you will have the options of: a refund less card fee (if you pay by credit card); credit or transfer to the next scheduled capital city event at the same or a different venue; or the option of participating in our two online modes of the same activity that you can commence upon delivery of your printed materials (or next scheduled livestream, or your online preference within the next year).


If during the training (or in the week prior) you become unwell, test positive for COVID, or need to care for someone with COVID, we will provide you access to our online modes to complete the program you registered for when you are ready to commence. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with a refund of the fee you paid for a capital city offering (because of non-refundable venue fees), but we are pleased to refund the difference in price between our capital city offering and our online offering (between $100-$200) for the program you registered for.


If you make travel or accommodation bookings in order to attend any of our events, we cannot assist you with reimbursement of those costs. We can only assist you with the fee paid to us. Please consider delaying these bookings or purchasing refundable tickets when making those bookings to minimise any potential loss.


We encourage you to consider our online modes as comparable, safe and convenient alternatives to our capital-city events if you have any reservations about travelling or contracting COVID. You will be joining a group of highly satisfied clinicians who have completed our online programs over the past two years from across the globe.


When you register for one of our online modes, you also have access to the other mode as part of your fee. Our online modes include a highly interactive two-day livestream where you can participate in live activities/discussions with your facilitator and peers in real time. The second option is an engaging pre-recorded package that can be worked through at your own pace over a three-month period. The recorded program is not merely a recording of a live event, but a specially designed learning package, incorporating videos, real-life case studies, multiple practical skills, learning quizzes and discussion points. We have aimed to ensure that the quality of training for our three modes of delivery is equivalent, and many clinicians have commented that they preferred learning from home during a live workshop, and/or having extended access to the online presentations, which can be viewed more than once to consolidate learning.


If you have any unanswered questions about participating in one of our online or capital city events, please contact us via this website. The dates listed on our website are always current and replace information published elsewhere.


Take care and we hope you stay well,

Joshua George - Director, Talomin Books