Refund Policy

The way Talomin Books Pty Ltd intends to conduct business with you on this website is guided by two primary sources of law. 

  • The first is the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth). This is the law that governs transactions between Australian citizens and Talomin Books Pty Ltd.
  • The second is the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods. This is the law that governs sales transactions between international citizens and Talomin Books Pty Ltd.

In your transactions with us, the most relevant parts of these laws concern warranties and refunds because refunds apply in certain circumstances. You will have no problem obtaining a refund if the product is faulty and the fault cannot be rectified by replacement or repair; or if the product does not match the description we provided on this website. Simply changing your mind about a purchase after we have shipped the goods will not entitle you a refund. We strongly recommend that you read the description of the product before making a purchase.

Our products are sold by description
The descriptions of products provided on this website contain: information about the author and their qualifications; an overview of the product's contents and the intended audience; the number of pages if it is a book; and, the price of the product in Australian Dollars.

Personal customers: please read the description of the product you are interested in purchasing prior to purchasing that product. When you make a purchase, we assume that you have made yourself familiar with the product and then made a decision to purchase that product.

Business customers: please do not buy more than you can sell. We prefer firm sales orders to avoid double handling of goods. If your customer has changed their mind about a purchase after you have placed an order with us, this is a matter between you and your customer.

If a problem arises during your dealings with us, we welcome your feedback and we will aim to negotiate an acceptable solution that is fair in the circumstances. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us via our contact form.