Delivery Information

When you place an order via this website 

Moments after placing an order, you will receive an email containing your order details and a unique order number. Please check that all details are correct, particularly the delivery address. If you notice any discrepancies, please email us immediately with the discrepancy you detected. When you contact us, please quote your order number.  

Postage and handling 
All orders include a delivery fee. The delivery fee is calculated based upon the quantity ordered and destination of the package, and includes handling. All goods are delivered by registered mail- Australia Post . You will be required to sign for your package upon delivery.

When we dispatch orders paid by credit card 
Credit card orders are dispatched daily between Monday and Friday if you submit your creditcard details with your order via this website. If you place an order after 3pm on Friday, your goods will be dispatched on Monday. You will receive a notification via email confirming the date and time your order has been shipped.

When we dispatch orders paid by Direct Deposit 
Direct Deposit orders are dispatched on weekdays and only after: 
1. You have notified us that payment has been made; 
2. The funds have appeared in our account. This can take two working days from the date of deposit. 
We will notify you on the day we ship your goods.

How long it will take to receive your order 
After receiving a notification confirming your order has been shipped, you should allow up to six working days for delivery within Australia, and up to ten working days if you live in other parts of the world. If you have not received your goods within this period, please call or email us with your order details and we will help locate your order. If your order is lost in transit, we will happily replace it after receiving official confirmation from Australia Post. Official confirmation of loss can take up to 14 working days before a replacement order is shipped.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact us via our contact form