• Black Ice by Leah Giarratano, ISBN 9781741668094 (Softcover).  A limited number of signed copies are available at Talomin Books.

Leah writes with disturbing insight into the criminal mind. A taut and suspenseful read from one of Australia's new breed of crime writers

Some Reviews 
You may know her only as the host of Channel 7s [Beyond] The Darklands, but get to know Leah Giarratano as an author and get ready to see many things a little differently
Wendy Beecroft, Lawyers Weekly 30/09/09

Giarratano... writes fine crime fiction, shocking and streetwise
Graeme Blundell, Weekend Australian 4/07/09

There are so many twists and turns, you’ll find yourself wondering how the author will tie it all up – but she does, and the reader is rewarded with one of the most satisfying conclusions of any book I’ve read.
Dani Soloman, Readings Carlton, Victoria 2/07/09

... an emotional and satisfying read. It has retained the essence of what made the first two books great: wonderfully drawn characters and an exquisite build-up of tension towards the climax. But it’s also taken me somewhere unexpected, given me new ideas to think about. A thoroughly great read that I’d recommend to both fans of the previous books and people new to the series. 
Read the full review of Bernadette at Reactions to Reading, 1/07/09

Definitely one for those who like their crime novels tough and demanding
Peter Milne, Bookseller & Publisher, July 2009

With her third crime novel, Leah Giarratano just gets better and better, writing a tight, self-assured story that moves forward with great pace towards its denouement
Derek Dryden, Better Read than Dead, July 2009

About the author Leah Giarratano

Publisher's Description: 
Detective Sergeant Jill Jackson is working undercover in Sydney's murky drug world. Living in a run down flat and making unlikely friends Jill sees first hand what devastation the illegal drugs scene can wreak.

Jill's sister Cassie has a new boyfriend Christian Worthington. Like her, he is one of the beautiful people of Sydney, rich, good looking, great job, great car and seen in all the right places. He is a high flying lawyer doing pro bono work to keep a drug dealer out of gaol. He is also Cassie's supplier, keeping her supplied with cocaine and ice. When Cassie overdoses and is dumped at the hospital her life begins to spiral out of control.

Seren Templeton is just out of Silverwater Women's Correctional Centre. Two years in gaol away from her son for something she didn't do. And now she is ready to get her revenge on the man responsible. Things start to go awry when these worlds collide and Jill and Cassie meet on opposite sides of the law.

This book contains 71 chapters and 323 pages. Published by Random House Australia in July 2009. Book size is 150 x 235 mm (Trade Paperback). The subject is Crime Fiction.

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Black Ice by Leah Giarratano, ISBN 9781741668094 (Softcover). A limited number of signed copies are available at Talomin Books.

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